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"Securely & Discreetly Monitor All Computer Activity Including Web Surfing, Chat Rooms, Instant Messages, E-mail and Personal Data Entry! You Have Found The Ultimate Security Software Solution. For Business & Home Use."

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to join this program?
Absolutely not! Virtual Imagination's Affiliate Program costs nothing to join. In fact, you can sign up instantly online right now if you like.

Who is eligible?
Anyone with a Web site can request to join our program. As long as your content is legal we would be happy to have you on board.

My web site is not online yet? Can I still apply?
We appreciate your interest in our affiliate program, but your site must be up and producing traffic to join. When your site is online and producing traffic, stop back and fill out the affiliate application.

How does the affiliate program work?
We use a customized server side scripting program that tracks sales to your unique affiliate ID any combination of banners, logos or text that is embedded with your ID will track a referral through our sites. Then, when a customer you've referred to us makes a purchase , you earn a percentage of that sale. We handle all of the administrative work, Shipping, customer service and payments etc. As long as you can refer traffic to your links we'll handle the rest and you'll be earning commissions!

Are there banners and images that I can use on my site?
Absolutely! We provide a wide assortment of logos, banners, text links, and images for you to use. We even have a very stylish automated email follow-up system that will automatically follow-up to your visitors for you! Any sales that result from the follow-up system are tracked to your unique ID and you earn a commissions. We also have website templates available. Everything is available by simply copy and pasting a few lines of code to your site. When you log into your affiliate administration account you can grab everything for your site already hard coded with your ID! That's right, simply copy and paste and you are good to go. You do not have to worry about code errors since the system set's all your links up for you. Talk about a helping hand!

Can I change or update my links whenever I want?
You sure can! You can log into your account anytime to grab new images, try new templates etc.

Can I link to products and affiliate programs similar to yours on the Web?
We do not police your website nor do we feel the need to block you from linking to our competitors products. We do however strongly suggest you choose one product to strongly promote instead of trying to fit a large amount on one page. Customers are much more likely to respond to a clear message aimed at one target. This is a proven fact. The more targeted your advertising is the more sales you will generate. For example, if you target just Snapshot Spy on it's own domain with a personally testimonial you can create higher sales to click thru rates then trying to list competitive products. Focus is the key here... the greater focus you place on a particular product the more money you stand to earn.

How much will I earn?
Affiliates receive 30% on every purchase made by a customer whom they refer. You even earn 30% off sales from the follow-up system. Once someone enters the follow-up system under your link they are tagged under you permanently so you get credit for purchases down the road!

When will I get paid?
We pay affiliate on a monthly basis for all accounts above $25 or more. If you have not yet reached $25 in commissions, your balance will carry over to the next month, once you reach 25 dollars you will receive a check.

How do I get started?
Glad you asked! Just fill out the online application to create your affiliate account. Once submitted we'll review your account and website. You will receive an email with your log-in information including the instruction on accessing the affiliate marketing site and support center.. Once activate, you may begin posting links to our site and earning commissions.

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"Parents: Stay involved with your child's net activity without looking over their shoulder."

"Snapshot Spy makes it easy to monitor all computer activity whether you are there or not."

- Protect Your Children
- Eliminate Employee Down-Time
- Monitor Your Office Computers
- Record Everything

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