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"Securely & Discreetly Monitor All Computer Activity Including Web Surfing, Chat Rooms, Instant Messages, E-mail and Personal Data Entry! You Have Found The Ultimate Security Software Solution. For Business & Home Use."
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The Free Virtual Imagination Affiliate program will allow you to earn money simply by linking to any of our products. There is no cost to participate. Use the special links we provide you to refer people to the Virtual Imagination network of web sites, and we do all the rest: "We" supply the product, we handle the transaction, we present and deliver the product, and we provide the customer service and support. When a visitor you sent makes a purchase, you get paid!

One of our most popular products is Snapshot Spy the computer monitoring software.

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Why You Should Join?
The Free Virtual Imagination Affiliate program pays a lucrative 30% on every sale you refer and our customized affiliate tracking system will track visitors for years down the road. That's right, YEARS! If they buy a product two years down the road you still receive a commission! With some of the hottest selling mass market items online including the popular Snapshot Spy Activity monitor you will have products targeted to practically anyone with a computer... literally an endless market.

There is an extensive affiliate marketing and support site available to all affiliates containing proven marketing techniques, tested ad copy, banners, web templates, custom follow up email systems designed to follow-up to your visitors automatically for a year and much much more... all available to help you earn higher commissions

You also have access to updated "real time" affiliate statistics 24 hours a day through your private account management area..

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Frequently Asked Questions
For your convenience we have assembled a collection of frequently asked questions relating to the Virtual Imagination affiliate program. Click Here to view the collection.

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Affiliate Program Terms
You can view the complete legal terms for the Virtual Imagination Inc. Affiliate program here: Click Here to view the terms.

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Affiliate Support
There is a complete affiliate support center available online including 24 hour account access for updating link code and templates. If you have a question about the Virtual Imagination Inc. affiliate program before signing up you can contact us at:

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"Parents: Stay involved with your child's net activity without looking over their shoulder."

"Snapshot Spy makes it easy to monitor all computer activity whether you are there or not."

- Protect Your Children
- Eliminate Employee Down-Time
- Monitor Your Office Computers
- Record Everything

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