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"Securely & Discreetly Monitor All Computer Activity Including Web Surfing, Chat Rooms, Instant Messages, E-mail and Personal Data Entry! You Have Found The Ultimate Security Software Solution. For Business & Home Use."

Frequently Asked Questions: (click here for system requirements)


Compatible with
Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000
and higher.

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Can I view Email messages and Instant messages?
Yes! You can actually view anything that is showing on a systems screen. If the user is talking to someone through an instant message or replying to email you will be able to view the activity, including chat rooms! There will be a text log and complete collection of surveillance screenshots.

Can I see what programs are used on the system?
Yes, Snapshot spy keeps a complete organized log of all programs used on your system including the time and date of each programs sessions.

Does Snapshot Spy stay hidden on my computer?
Yes, Snapshot Spy is stealth enabled and files will be hidden on your computer. No icons will show in the start menu or program manager. You will also not see any running program when ctrl alt delete is pressed. Snapshot Spy also uses advanced encrypted file saving to keep screen shots and file logs hidden and secure on your system. Even if found, the advanced file locking prevents unauthorized changes or deletions to the software's data..

Can anyone else access Snapshot Spy on my computer?
No, you set up your own password for Snapshot Spy and only you can access the software using your password. If only you know your password then your software is safe from prying eyes! Password and file lock protection also prevent unauthorized modification or un-install.

Can anyone remove or modify files?
No, Snapshot Spy uses an advanced custom file lock that will prevent files from being modified or removed. Your data is safe with Snapshot Spy.

Can anyone un-install Snapshot Spy?
No, the advanced file lock prevents unauthorized removal of your software. Your password is required to un-install Snapshot Spy.

I read about a pop up window, what is it?
Snapshot Spy allows you to turn on or off a Deterrent pop up window. The window will show up each time the system is restarted or turned on. The window warns the user that all activity is being recorded. Leave it on to warn a user or turn it off to run Snapshot Spy in Stealth mode.

What if they restart my computer?
Snapshot Spy has a built in safety feature that will automatically restart the software's activity recording in the event of a power failure or system restart.

Does Snapshot Slow Down My Computer?
Snapshot Spy uses very minimal resources and you should not notice any performance differences even on the pro stealth email version. There is also a wide variety of settings including a compression feature that you can adjust to improve performance.

Does Snapshot Spy use a lot of disk space?
Not at all, Snapshot Spy has advanced image compression that allows you to compress all screen captures. The text logs are very small in size so there should be no concern on space. Snapshot Spy is also highly configurable allowing you to select how much disk space you want to use for file storage, the amount of compression, snapshot frequency etc.. You can even turn screenshots off and just use stealth text recording. Snapshot Spy is highly configurable.

If Snapshot Spy is Hidden, How do I access it?
Snapshot Spy allows you to set up a secret key sequence. The secret key sequence will launch the password log-in window when your key combination is pressed. For example you can have the key's (shift) (x) and (9) as your secret key sequence... when those keys are pressed simultaneously the window will open and you can then enter in your password to gain access to the monitoring system. You can configure your own secret key set up in the Snapshot Spy control panel.

Is there a recurring charge to use Snapshot Spy?
There is a one time license fee to purchase Snapshot Spy. There are no recurring charges.

System Requirements:
32 bit version: Windows 95/98/2000/NT compliant
8 MBs RAM. 486DX or better, pentium recommended.
100 MBs of hard drive space.
Internet Connection
Y2K Compliant

The Bottom Line is That Snapshot Spy's Simple to use and HIGHLY effective!

Snapshot Spy is also Highly Configurable!

  • Define File Save Location
  • Determine Time Frame For Monitoring
  • Set The Day, Minute Hours to Record
  • Choose to record full screen shots, program logs, text logs or a combination of all activity!
  • Inactivity Time-out To Save Disk Space
  • Mouse & Keyboard Sensitive For Instant Re-Activation
  • Enable The Secret Key Sequence For Quick Access to The Configuration Screen With Your Private Password
  • Internal Viewer Based on a VCR's Control Setup to Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind Through Your Computers Activity.
  • File Space And Time Out Settings To Save Disk Space
  • And Much More...

"Snapshot Spy Comes With a 10 Day Money Back Guarantee."

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