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Frequently Asked Questions:


How does Handy Truster work?

When someone tells a lie, their voice carries a sonic wave that cannot be controlled.  Capitalizing on the wave that is created, the Handy Truster uses an IC chip voice recognition technology which senses the stress in the voice and judges the excitement, tension and emotional agony through a scientific analysis and revolutionary algorithm. This enables the Handy Truster to distinguish the truthfulness or falsehood of a statement and determine the level of stress when one is making a statement.  This technology is considered controversial since it is essentially monitoring events that are going on inside our heads.


I got different messages when asking the same person the same question. Why?

The results you get really depend on the context of the situation. Controlled (i.e. job interview, interrogation) or spontaneous environments (free conversation) will yield very different results. We are testing cognitive stress in the speech, so when lies are not pre-planned the lie stress will appear in a dramatic way. In a controlled environment, lies may appear in several ways starting with extreme excitement, extreme stress, and even extremely low cognitive stress. That is why the tester must analyze the controlled environment conversation manually.


How long does it take Truster to analyze the subject's voice ?

There is only a half second delay between the live voice and the result.


How long does it take to calibrate the subject's voice?

The calibration is the most important part of the test. If you adjusted your computer's microphone as specified in the User Guide, the calibration process should only take up to 10 seconds. In that time, Truster gathers six different samples of the subject's voice to base the test on.


What if the subject has a cold? Will Truster still work?

The same subject can sound different at various times in the day and that is why we recommend calibrating before each conversation. It is advised not to check people that have any kind of sickness that can alter the way they normally express themselves. If there is no choice, be aware of the general deviation in the voice while interpreting results.


What is the basis for asserting that Truster is highly accurate?

We recommend that you use Truster as a decision-support tool and not rely solely on its results to make decisions. It has been tested and approved by experts worldwide but much of the interpretation phase has to do with the expertise of the person asking the questions.


What Is The Handy Truster Used For?

The Handy Truster can used to check the truthfulness of a person with whom you are speaking. The truster can also be used to check your own tension before having an interview.  The Handy Truster is a device for detecting emotions in the human voice, and is best utilized as a decision support tool.  Handy Truster and its distributors make no guarantees of the accuracy of the product and results may vary based on individual use and adherence to instructions.  

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