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Snapshot Spy Users

Below are some of the emails and letters we have received from users. If you are a Snapshot Spy user we would love to hear your comments!

"Dear Mr. Webmaster,

I am SO IMPRESSED with the performance of Snapshot Spy. This is what I have been looking for, for over 3 months.

Of course you may use my testimonial. I will be happy to declare to anyone who is interested in monitoring their computer how satisfied I am. You can use my name (Martha) and my e-mail address if you want to.

Thanks again for your wonderful program. "


"Wow, what a nasty little surprise this Snapshot Spy was. It works as advertised behind the scenes and was easy to install and use. I can't believe what goes on in my office on MY computer when I'm out to lunch. This is better than any soap opera. I find it hard to keep quiet about the affair going on with the lady across from me. I can't even look at her the same way any more. And somebody logged in to and did a lot of peeping.

Even with the heavy video compression I selected the pictures are easily viewed. I guess they like my computer as its in a "private" place in a corner. You will also note that I purchased a second Snapshot Spy a few hours later for my home. Thank goodness nobody has anything to hide there!"

Many thanks!
Ken, (Area Manager)

"I have SSS and downloaded it back last June. It has been quite some time, I would say months since I last checked it. I thought I had it set for turned off, but discovered it is set on. I found some adult sites listed in my Windows Temp Internet folder, and I am the only adult using this computer, and they were not visited by me. I do however have teenagers in the house, and would like to view who is the culprit. (So I can block their access) I absolutely love this program, it helped me find out my ex-husband was indeed still cheating on me when he swore he wasn't. I printed the screen shots and confronted him. I will never be able to thank-you enough for creating this program and making it available to the public for use."

Dawn S. (Customer wishes to remain anonymous)

"Your product is remarkable, I can't believe what I'm seeing... Fantastic. I have bought other programs that did not do what they said it would and wanted to make sure yours would. It does, and I am simply amazed...I can't conceive that you have actually done this. The more I look the more I am amazed. I also must thank you for a job well done and will be telling my friends about this program...
A satisfied customer."

Frank Wright

This device has saved my marraige. My husband was not only chatting on line inappropriately, should I say, but the week I installed the spycam, he had begun to make phone calls to one of his chat buddies with a phone card...thanks to your system I have confronted him with everything, and he and I hashed out some major feelings of neglect and miscommunication.

I want to thank you for this product. Our relationship is better now than it has ever been. We treat each other with respect, priority, and we should have been doing for years. Sometimes it takes crap like this to make you aware. however, even though he knows that the system is on the computer, I want it to remain on there. The computer can be a very tempting device, and he knows I do not 100% trust him yet. I hope in time, I will. Thanks again,

Pamela Boles

"After downloading and running your program it is immediately evident that yours is a superior product. It offers the flexibility and features that I was looking for, the help feature is clear and concise and the end result is a total record of my computers use that is fast and easy to digest. Snapshotspy is exactly what I wanted."


"I have been playing around with the program and it is very simple to use. It is great software. The support behind the product is wonderful! That is the most important thing, knowing that someone is there who can... and will help you if you have a problem."

Cindy Smith

"Wish my cellular telephone company, were as quick in response, as you. Thank you, for the Quick Start."


"Folks, have ya ever booted up yer computer, and lo an' behold, things are all screwed up! Are ya wonderin'...who was on it, and maybe deleted important data, or application, or configuration files?! Well, these boys have the answer.....SNAPSHOT SPY! This program remains undetected-only YOU know it's there-and it's recording every dadblame thing that's beein' done on yer computer! The only thing this program don't give is ...Finger Prints of the guilty party! Give these folks time and they'll figure a way to git them too!"

"No kiddin' folks, this program really does everything it claims to do, and that's unusual in this CyberWorld."

- The Mountain Gnome:

I just downloaded a copy of Snapshot Spy. Wow! It is a great program. I thought it would take me a couple of days to learn how to use it. Wrong! I was able to get it started in a couple of minutes. It was so easy that by the time I logged off my computer, I was able to have it fully working and I understood the use of the program completely.

The program is designed in a way that I did'nt have to play with it at all. I started it up and the next thing I knew, I was done. The viewer is easy to control and the settings are completely understandable. I plan on telling my kids it is on the computer. This way even when my wife and I canít be with them on the computer, they know we will be able to check up on them. With all the dangerous situations we hear of on the computer, I now have a program that will help me watch out for the welfare of my children.

As for my office, I intend to put a copy of it on every computer we have. Once again, I will tell everyone it is there and I will be able to protect my interests and the safety of my computers.

This is by far the most economical way I have found to get the benefits of the computer age without having to worry about some of the more dangerous aspects of computer use. This program is a winner! At this price, it is also a steal!


John McGuire

To whom it may concern:
I would first like to say that I am very pleased with this program. It has
been very useful and I have busted my husband cheating on me. I knew it but
had no proof and this was all I needed to see the proof. He is still not
aware of the program but still wants to know how I knew the things I knew.



Please keep my name off of this testimonial if you show it on the web.

I found your program while searching for a hidden video camera that I could
put in the "computer" room. When I saw the snapshot spy program, I knew it
was exactly what I needed.

My husband was spending alot of time on the computer with a "friend". He has
been insisting for months that he is "only trying to help her, he thinks of
her as a daughter". Well, it seems that my 50 year old husband has been
cheating on me with a 17 year old high school student. Needless to say, my
divorce in underway and my only regret is that I didn't find your program

Thank you so much for your help in allowing me to find the answers I needed
and thus allowing me to move on with my life.

Again, please do not use my name, as my husband still doesn't know I have any
information and my attorney wants it to come out at the appropriate time. My
husband still thinks I am guessing and if he doesn't admit verbally to
anything he thinks I can't prove anything.


Your program is excellant and is giving me what I need for my
divorce with other things that I did not even know about!!!! I
would recommend this to anyone whos husband lives on the computer
or just logs on!!! It taught me a side of my husband that I
never even knew about like him being a crossdressser, broke my
heart, but glad I know now!!!

Please don't use my name as my husband doesn't know that I put the program on his computer. By the way...not only is he into cross dressing, but he is going to the meet men rooms, so do you have any idea how much your program has meant to me? This man hurt me so much, as I gave up everything for him, even gave all my furniture away. With this program, I can get punitive damages to repay me for what I gave up, so starting over won't be so hard for me.
And to think I was going to try to work out our marriage!!!
Not just no...but hell nooooooooooooooooooooo, thanks to your program.
If you need me to endorse your program...just introduce me to anyone...I would recommend it to anyone!!!!


Thanks for getting me back up so quickly. Nice to know that your support
operation is available, even on a Sunday and reacts without delay to
customer's problems.

Regards...Jack Shaw

"I always wondered what my wife was doing on the computer all night, deep down I knew she was chatting online with other men. Sure enough, a month later she announces that she is leaving me for some guy she met online. If I had Snapshot Spy sooner, I could have caught her in the act and gave her the boot first! I wish I would have seen this sooner, your program is fantastic."

Henry Thompson
Las Vegas, Nevada

This program is so good that I did catch my Husband doing some not so good things on here..It so impressed our marriage counselor that she had it installed through you also to monitor her kids! I will keep passing the word!
(Customer wishes to remain anonymous)

"I purchased your snapshot spy program about 6/2 or 6/3. First let me say it is a wonderful program, I found out my wife was having an affair for the last 5 months and I am now working on getting her out of my life. The best money I ever spent."

Mark H. (Customer wishes to remain anonymous)

"I have been noticing my sales team has been closing fewer sales since the Internet was installed in the office. I had no way of catching them surfing the net since I was always on the go. With snapshot spy's recording message, my team brought their sales up higher than they were previously, just because they knew they were being watched."

Dan Bolinger
Ontario, Canada

"I will let everyone know that not only is your product "amazing", but the staff and support are too!"

Thank you again,
Chuck B.

If you are a Snapshot Spy user we would love to hear your comments! You can send them We will be happy to provide links to your email and website or keep you anonymous if you wish.

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